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Testing Flip MinoHD

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Windows 7 : Powerful and its Rocking for 1 of every 5 windows users

March 4th, 2011 No comments

Most Windows users feel that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been all along. That sentiment is underscored by the fact that just under 21 percent of Windows users are now sitting pretty with Microsoft’s latest and greatest. specially due to few reasons like upgrade compatibility from windows XP to Windows 7 is not possible. Windows XP still reigns supreme with a 56 percent share of the Windows market, though that’s 10 percent less than where it started in January 2010.

Windows 7 is also on the cutting edge of input technology, with its multi touch technology, and other enhancements have been made to the capabilities built into Tablet PCs. Windows 7 features the best of both worlds: It’s simple and easy to use but has loads of powerful features, as well.

I tried upgrading my Daughters NEC to windows 7 from Windows XP, had to spend sort of 3 hours for this upgrade as i have to backup her work and applications. and after installing it started crashing Video Graphics which i have to format the machine again and reinstall Windows Xp. Mean while i have a Clone Computer which it has no issue when i install Win 7 now that’s really cool.

The best feature for me so far in Windows 7 is Bitlocker Encryption. which allow me to secure my work from praying eyes from internal driver to my USB removable drives.

If you have windows 7 and would like to setup Bitlocker Encryption go to this link from Microsoft which would be helpful in setting up –